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Client's Testimonial

Brian Russell Hydralectric
We have been working with Vertex for 5 years, during this time they assisted in delivering many projects, sourced tooling, helped with technical issues, selection and sourcing of materials. They have consistently delivered free from defects on time and to schedule. Bench marking has shown them to be competitive against supplies from low cost sources with the benefit of being local.
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Glass Suckers from LipsGroup

LipsGroup is a British company started by four entrepreneurial women with a novel idea for drinking glass decorations. They approached Vertex with cardboard prototypes and were looking for some technical expertise for the further development of their product.

Vertex worked with LipsGroup on the designs of the products with the aid of a CAD package and 3-D modeling software the designs could be fully explored and approved before having the mould tool made, saving both time and money. Vertex used its extensive knowledge of Lipsgroup the moulding process to suggest the unusual technique of collapsing the part within the mould during the ejection process. This not only saved costs on mould tool construction but allowed the glass decorations to be a single piece of plastic. We also proposed and developed a unique lip-shaped "sucker" design, giving this product a unique and patented design feature. Finally, we experimented with different thermoplastic elastomers (TPEs) and made recommendations to ensure the final product had an appropriate combination of flexibility and suction.

Together Vertex and LipsGroup have worked to bring this new novelty item to the marketplace and we expect to continue this very successful partnership in the future. For more information, please consult thier website,