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Client's Testimonial

Brian Russell Hydralectric
We have been working with Vertex for 5 years, during this time they assisted in delivering many projects, sourced tooling, helped with technical issues, selection and sourcing of materials. They have consistently delivered free from defects on time and to schedule. Bench marking has shown them to be competitive against supplies from low cost sources with the benefit of being local.
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Component & Mould Design

There are a number of ways in which Vertex can be involved in the design of your products. For new products or ideas, we can help by developing the technical drawings necessary for future production and for existing products, we can use your drawings and develop a single or multi-impression mould tool for use in manufacturing.

Mould Design

After the CAD drawings of the component are completed - either by Vertex or supplied to us by our customer - we can then produce mould tool drawings from which the final tool will be made. We work with a local manufacturer to produce the tool as quickly and cost effectively as possible.

We have developed our own "prototyping tool" to save time & money by accommodating an insert rather than having to manufacture the entire mould tool. This tool can then also be used for initial production runs.